Sage CRM offers call centre functionality out of the box

Call CenterWhat is CRM CTI?

CRM CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) provides users with telephony functionality from their desktops, via the Sage CRM interface. Users can select any hyperlinked telephone number in the system to call that
number, and any incoming calls are matched with contacts in the CRM system so that users can quickly view contact details while they talk, or even before they take the call.

Campaigns and Outbound call lists.

Sage CRM Marketing campaign features the creation of target lists based on criteria from the contacts (customers, leads, etc) in the database and the creation of an outbound call list campaign. Then the operators can execute this campaign through CRM by voicing a set script, recording leads and comments or changing the time of the call.

SMS integration

Sage CRM integrates to SMS gateways enabling operators can send out text messages to mobile devices, such as verification codes.

Email integration and library of documents

Operators can email  information to the clients by attaching standard documents from the Company Library or filling templates to send out to clients.

Mailchimp integration

Mailchimp campaign integration allows the company to create target groups based on criteria. Then the email template and the contacts are synced with mailchimp that will send out the campaign and monitor interactions of the recipients with the emails. These will be synced back to CRM for further processing again based on criteria, e.g. create an outbound call list.

Workflow and Escalations

A call to a prospect client may start a workflow. This workflow will dictate the business process that the company wants the operator and/or the client to follow through. For example, if the client accepted to open an account, then if the application form was not received within 24 hours create a reminder to him. Escalations have to do with notifying other persons within the company that there is a task to be performed.


All above features provide a total solution for a company call center. This can be customized according to the company’s processes that it wants to enforce. Furthermore, Sage CRM has the ability to integrate to other external IT systems and pull out data from different types of databases.


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