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Many companies would like to have a simple professional call centre to serve their customers. Sage CRM comes with built in call centre functionality (i.e. CTI – Computer Telephony Integration).

CRM CTI provides CTI-enabled users with telephony functionality from their desktops, via the Sage CRM interface. Users can select any hyperlinked telephone number in the system to call that number, and any incoming calls are matched with contacts in the CRM system so that users can quickly view contact details while they talk, or even before they take the call.

CRM CTI allows users to view information about incoming calls and perform various telephony functions. The features of CRM CTI include:

  1. Auto caller identification (caller ID).
  2. The ability to view the most relevant CRM screen to them when they click on the inbound call hyperlink.
  3. The option to go directly to the relevant Company or Person screen while the call is active.
  4. Auto dial-out via hyperlinked phone numbers.
  5. The option to transfer and put calls on hold.

Sage CRM 7.3 CTI Guide