Interactive Brokers (IB offers several tools to extract data and feed to your back office. Flex Query is one of them that can generate such data files.

Integration services


As IB 3rd party integrator, we can assist your company with integration aspects to your current back-office or CRM system for example. We can advise on the ways of integrating and the tools required. Our clients may only require to import data into their back-office to update their own accounts or their client accounts, produce reports and have online portfolios for their customers to view.

Integration with the Sage products


Sage products can act as your background and front office products where IB can be integrated.


Sage 300 Financials is a suitable system to automate your back office operations. It can hold both company and client accounts. It's flexibility and extensive import capabilities allow the automation of the import processes, transformation of transactions and posting into Sage 300. 


Sage CRM integrates seamlessly onto Sage 300 and allows the secure presentation of portfolios and information to the client, real time. This is the front office system that can integrate into your webiste and provide Sales, marketing and services to your clients using tools such as workflow automation, call centre, case management, SMS communications and call centre integration. Functions like account opening and KYC/AML would be handled though CRM.


Sage Intelligence is a report production system. It uses excel and can pull out data from the client accounts and allow the use of standard excel functions and graphs to create client reports. These reports can be automated to distribute to clients while a copy will save into the CRM for the company records.

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