Our consulting services are two fold. For the systems we source from our partners, we provide installation, customization and training services.


We also offer consultation services to companies that require independent IT consultancy to help them select the appropriate systems to suit their business requirements. The process may include developing a Business Analysis document depicting the needs and processes of the company and a Requirements Definition document in order to invite tenders.


IT Audit

We audit your existing IT infrastructure and business processes to identify pitfalls. We produce a detailed report looking into areas such as capacity planning, security and risks that you may face.


For regulated companies we follow the Audit standards as defined by the Basel accord and stipulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Central Bank of Cyprus.


Project Management.

Project Management is probably one of the most important services that any company should always have in place. It saves money, time and delivers the business solution fit for purpose on time.


We manage IT projects on behalf of clients making sure that the project goes through all the appropriate project phases such as scoping, business process re-engineering,  system architecture, development, acceptance and deployment.

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Web site design and software development

We develop bespoke application to solve customer problems and to improve automation (efficiency and effectiveness). Our core strengths is web development using solid databases as the back end.


We also develop web sites for clients that are geared towards providing general information but at the same time market your products and services and close sales.

System Integration

System integration

Today all companies need to communicate with external partner's systems to share information in order to server their clients.


We have ready made IT systems that can assist in achieving the integration of disparate systems.  This could be either online integration or by exchange of data files which can then be loaded into the systems.


IT infrastructure services

We assist companies to select the appropriate IT infrastructure, that is hardware, system software, database and network to meet your needs. This is a very important service as companies normally overspend.


We also undertake to offer implementation services to set up the infrastructure as per the plan.

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