Spice up your business with Sage CRM!


Sage CRM is all about Sales, Marketing and Servicing your client. It integrates readily into Sage 300 and other external systems enabling staff and managers to collaborate, perform their daily tasks and have the statistics and figures they need to make sound decisions.


Features include call centre integration, marketing through MailChimp, SwiftPage and CommuniGator, social media integration, email integration (outlook and MS exchange), easy integration to external systems, SMS.


  1. Increase your sales wins through better organization and contact tracking by using the in-depth dashboard, opportunity, forecast and lead management tool
  2. Improve sales productivity with automated sales process workflow and Sage CRM mobile access
  3. Maximize your sales opportunities
    by gaining greater insight into your customer’s business and identifying their underlying needs
  4. Increase sales efficiency with sales templates and exchange server integration



  1. Create, track and manage effective marketing campaigns by leveraging Sage ERP knowledge base
  2. Execute and manage targeted email campaigns that return better results with built-in e-marketing tools
  3. Calculate ROI and optimize marketing spend by analyzing campaign conversion rates
  4. Improve your knowledge by leveraging multiple integrated social media channels to better understand, track and communicate with customers


  1. Increase customer retention and loyalty by empowering them with self-service features
  2. Increase customer response time and call resolution with instant access to real-time information
  3. Improve quality of customer service calls with well-informed and empowered staff
  4. Deliver consistent and accurate customer service with a single central information source

Sage CRM overview.

Sage CRM has gone mobile

Sage CRM and MailChimp.

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