Sage CRM: Spice up your sales

Bottom line, a CRM system is all about sales, and sales is all about generating good quality leads! Sage CRM is customer centric software aiming to personalize and target disseminated information while providing analytical tools to mine recipients. It encompasses all the functionality to market your products and services to prospects, and hold their hands through the pipeline to convert them from leads to opportunities, to customers.
“Lead generation is the Cinderella of sales and marketing, but without the glass slipper. It does not get the attention that it deserves in most organisations and… there is a price to be paid in terms of lost sales.”

Sage CRM is more than a repository of contact information. It encompasses all those tools to effectively market and sell products and services by educating and engaging your prospect market segment while analysing feedback. And feedback is all about tracking preferences from digital marketing methods such as emails, questionnaires and giveaways.

“The salesperson with a CRM system has an advantage in terms of being more professional, organised and helpful in the eyes of your customer. That puts the salesperson who relies on spreadsheets, notepads and scraps of paper at a disadvantage.”

Effective selling entails tools employed by Sage CRM such as e-marketing drip campaigns and being able to follow up based on the interest shown by the recipient. Hence, tracking of emails and grouping based on interests is important. At this stage a lead is created that needs to be qualified. Qualifying the lead with good grouping and tracking capabilities. Website and call to action social media integration to mine information and expand your network of potential leads access to information anytime from anywhere such as contact information, emails or pending invoices or placing an order customer self service and support through your website integrated to CRM call centre integration and workflow automation to automate and streamline business processes Moreover, a good CRM system must be easily customisable to your business requirements without requiring coding skills. No two businesses operate the same way! Hence, bespoke customisation coupled with workflow automation is the cornerstone of an agile system that will perform in tandem with your marketing and sales strategy.
“Imagine an accountant without an accounts package or an architect without a CAD programme. Sales people deserve to have tools to make their jobs easier, just the same as architects and accountants.”