Web site design – engage the visitor

A good website should reflect on the strategy of the company, ethos, image and promote the products and services to the extent of engaging the customer.

Here are the 8 key characteristics of a good website:

  1. Well designed. When a visitor arrives at your website, you have the chance to take them through a journey of explaining who you are, what your services are, what products you provide and why they should buy or even engage in an action.
  2. Easy to use. Keep it simple. Visitors come to your website with the purpose of being served. If they cannot find what they want within 30 seconds they will go elsewhere.
  3. Well optimized for search engines. It is important for search engines to understand what you do in order to drive appropriate traffic to your site.
  4. Optimized for mobile visitors. Mobile and tablet access is on the rise. Connect with that market segment.
  5. Incorporates social sharing features. Share your content so that your social media friends and groups know about them.
  6. Business location clearly designated. Everybody wants to know with whom they are dealing with.
  7. Multiple options to contact the company. Provide telephone, chat, email and address for visitors to contact you.
  8. Clear calls to action across the site. Always think like the visitor along their journey around your website. The aim of the site is to engage the client somehow, e.g. submit their email for a newsletter, call the office, chat with someone to get more information, complete a form or even better complete a sale online!

At GoalTech, we design bespoke websites for clients. Our professional team comprises of a web programmer, a graphic designer and a video production expert. We use the popular WordPress Content Management System (CMS) as the basis of any website that we develop. This readily allows clients to post new information to the website such as articles that may include text, video and pictures, all nicely designed.

Here is our design and development process:

  • The graphic designer will create the layout on paper and select the pictures. The wording may be developed by the client. The client will need to approve this.
  • The web programmer will create the website and the graphic designer will provide the pictures and confirm that the layout is as per the client’s requirements.
  • The video production expert will develop any corporate or instructional videos that will be uploaded to youtube and linked to the website.
  • We also provide website hosting, email accounts and maintenance if required.